Former Archbishop criticises Trump protests, citing hypocrisy over Israel

Former Archbishop criticises Trump protests, citing hypocrisy over Israel

Lord Carey criticised people for 'reserving condemnation for America, the West, or Israel' whilst ignoring 'evil-doers'

Former Archbishop George Carey
Former Archbishop George Carey


Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has accused critics of new US President Donald Trump of a “staggering overreaction.”

Thousands of protesters marched in London yesterday to call on Prime minister Theresa May to end her “collusion” with Mr Trump.

His controversial order introducing a 90-day travel ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries has triggered anger internationally.

Writing in the Sunday Express, Lord Carey said: “I cannot recall such demonstrations against terrible and autocratic regimes such as Burma, Sudan and North Korea.

“It is one of the key characteristics of those who consider themselves progressive to reserve condemnation for America, the West, or Israel and ignore actual evil-doers.”

He added: “British opposition and hysterical overreaction to Trump itself poses a danger to the constructive relationship we should have with him, or indeed, any new and untested American President.

More than 1.8 million people have also signed a petition calling on the Government to stop Mr Trump from making a state visit because it would cause “embarrassment” to the Queen.Within hours of getting an invitation from Mrs May to visit Britain later this year, Mr Trump had signed an executive order to stop “radical Islamic terrorists” from coming to the US. It bars citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and the Yemen.

Lord Carey recalled being “commanded” by the Royal Household to sup with leaders such as Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe whose regime has been accused of torture and human rights abuses.

He said there is a long list of tyrants and dictators, including Mr Mugabe and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, who would beat Mr Trump to the title of “the world’s worst politician”.


Lord Carey said he has “some hope that we shall be surprised by the Trump presidency as it develops”.


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