Footballers issued with Maccabi-branded kippot

Footballers issued with Maccabi-branded kippot

KIPPOTMore than 1,000 Jewish Sunday morning footballers have this week been sent MGB(S)FL-branded kippot – in order to enhance the bond between players and managers with their Jewish identity.

Speaking about the reason behind the initiative, Martin Berliner, chief executive of Maccabi GB – who became the main sponsor of the League in July – said: “For a Jewish man, whether they attend synagogue every week, or whether it’s three times a year, the kippa is a symbol that whatever a footballer’s reason for playing in the Maccabi GB Southern Football League, there is a common, Jewish connection between everyone.”

The League’s chairman, David Wolff, said: “I think this is a fantastic initiative. For some players in the league, football is the only way that they identify with our wonderful community. The wearing of this kippa can help to underpin their identity as Jews as well as displaying the fact that they are part of a great football league.”

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