Football and the Jews with Lord Triesman and David Bernstien CBE

Football and the Jews with Lord Triesman and David Bernstien CBE

The other Jewish Religion- Football and the Jews Lord Triesman and David Bernstien CBE. (MM)0153Two former chairmen of the Football Association were the special guests of honour at a fundraising evening for the Memorial Scrolls Trust.

Lord Triesman and David Bernstein CBE took part in a Q&A entitled ‘the ultimate guide to football and Jews’ at Westminster Synagogue for a fundraising event for the Trust’s 50th anniversary of the arrival of the 1,564 Czech scrolls to Kent House, which were sent over by the Prague Jewish community during the Holocaust.

Former Manchester City chairman Bernstein, and Triesman, who was the first Jewish chairman of the FA, spoke of their careers in the game, how they believe progress has been made in eradicating racism from football pitches and stadia, while also sharing their views on why FIFA was wrong to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

And delighted to be part of the fundraising event, Bernstein said: “It’s a wonderful cause, a wonderful piece of Jewish history and link to both the past and future.”

Triesman said: “They’re stunning and what moved me as we get further away from the Holocaust is how do we keep the younger generation attentive? It’s important for the next generation to have this tangible link of what people can do through hatred and this is what these scrolls can do.

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