Five prime ministers back Westminster Holocaust memorial

Five prime ministers back Westminster Holocaust memorial

Theresa May joined by David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major in supporting the proposal to build a Holocaust remembrance project next to parliament

Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted building a Holocaust remembrance centre beside Parliament is the right thing to do.

Mrs May joined with four former prime ministers – David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major – in backing the memorial project.

The comments come in the wake of the decision to site the Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens, drawing criticism from some that it could obscure views and restrict public space in the area.

The centre will be dedicated to the six million Jewish men, women and children and other victims murdered by the Nazis.

In a video to be played at a Holocaust remembrance ceremony in London on Tuesday, Mrs May said: “By putting our National Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre next to our Parliament, we make a solemn and eternal promise that Britain will never forget what happened in the Holocaust.

“Seeing this through is a sacred, national mission. In the face of despicable Holocaust denial, this memorial will stand to preserve the truth forever.

“And this education centre will ensure that every generation understands the responsibility that we all share – to fight against hatred and prejudice in all its forms, wherever it is found.”

Labour former prime minister Tony Blair said: “Antisemitism and hate did not end in 1945.

“Unfortunately today some of this poison is back from the political fringe to parts of the political mainstream.

“So, it’s absolutely right that this new national memorial is situated right next to Parliament.

“So we can show what happens when racism and prejudice go unchecked.”

The Royal Parks, a charity which looks after Victoria Tower Gardens, and Historic England are among those who have expressed concerns about the impact of the design for the memorial centre.

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