FC Team announce restructuring plans

FC Team announce restructuring plans

TEAMFC Team have announced that the club will be undergoing a restructuring process ahead of the start of the new season.

Having run the first team for 11 years, Mitch Young will be handing over the reins to Mike Myers and Ben Gilbey, with Young taking over FC Team B, and David Gordon managing FC Team C.

Young said: “Having reached our goal of getting to the MSFL Premier Division, the aim from there was to maintain our place in the division but to also try and challenge for silverware. It is fair to say that whilst I am happy we managed to maintain our status we never seriously challenged. So it was time to consider change.

“We were lucky and blessed to have in our previous C Team not only great managers in Ben and Mike but also a plethora of outstanding young talent. We considered them the future and now they are very much the present and they will be able to take the club forward and over the next season or two hopefully challenge for some major silverware. Given their ages they are in a better position to attract younger players to the first team and as a sign of intent they have already signed the influential Yoav Loabens from last year’s treble winner Hendon. I have full faith in Ben & Mike and wish them every success.

“This has now enabled the club to have a proper structure with a proper three tiered system. I will be taking charge of the B Team with Pearl as my assistant and a number of players from last years A Team. David Gordon will be managing the C Team which was the previous B Team. It looks like both teams will be in Division 2 which I wanted to try and avoid but non the less will lead to good banter and a healthy inter club rivalry

“The club restructure has come at the right time. We have not won a trophy since 2009 and now all focus is on winning silverware this season and the next few be at a cup or certainly the Division 2 title! We are proud to be one of the biggest clubs in Jewish Football”

Myers said: “The opportunity that has presented itself has infused my team which was formed three years ago. We have been the ‘nearly men’ for the past two years losing three league games in two seasons, but this year will be the ultimate challenge. Playing in the top division challenges every player to perform their best every Sunday, something we have not yet experienced. The faith that the club has bestowed upon us fills us with confidence, and the talent we have as well as Ben Gilbey, the finest Manager in the MSFL, expect us to compete with the very best.”

* Anyone interested in joining the club should email Mitch at: mitchyoung10@hotmail.com
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