Farron: Labour’s reputation within ethnic minority communities ‘in tatters’

Farron: Labour’s reputation within ethnic minority communities ‘in tatters’

Liberal Democrat leader expected to speak at Westminster Shul, where he'll take aim at Labour standing in the Jewish community

Tim Farron
Tim Farron

Tim Farron will today claim Labour’s reputation among ethnic minority communities is in tatters.

The Liberal Democrat leader will make the comments during an event at Westminster synagogue – as the party sets its sights on winning support from what he will describe as “three Brexit-style parties”.

He is expected to say: “Labour have been taking Britain’s ethnic minority communities for granted for far too long.

“Even before Brexit, it was an open secret that Labour weren’t engaging with certain communities because they felt ethnic minorities would vote for them regardless. Even their own MP Chuka Umunna has admitted that.

“But now that Labour have waived the white flag on Brexit and given Theresa May a blank cheque to choose the hardest and most divisive form of Brexit – I want to openly say to Labour voters – join us.”

He will also turn his fire on the Conservatives by claiming they are fighting “UKIP’s campaign for them.

He will say: “We have a Conservative MP who admits to negotiating with UKIP and praises their proposed ban on burkas. Progressive Conservatives need to ask themselves if there is any difference between the Conservative Party and the vile prejudice of UKIP.

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