Fancy this? Purim costumes picked by our little expert!

Fancy this? Purim costumes picked by our little expert!

Madison Grant-Gold knows what children want to wear on their favourite Jewish holiday, because she is one!

As an (almost) 10-year-old who goes to a Jewish primary school, I’m a bit of a Purim expert. Talk about the costumes we’re going to wear starts weeks before the festival, but while some people like to keep their costumes a secret, others blab about it in the lunch queue.

Madison Grant-Gold

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So here are my 2017 suggestions for Purim costumes and other fun stuff…

1. For the Harry or Hermione in your life. My Dad and I are really enjoying reading Harry Potter at the moment and if your kids are reading the books too, these are perfect costumes.






2.  May the (Purim) force be with your little Jedi or Yoda but hopefully not the Stormtrooper! I’m a bit behind on the films but what I’ve seen so far I’ve loved!






3. My favourite part about Purim is hearing my teachers tell the story so if you want to keep traditional this Abraham costume is right for you. Love the beard!

4. Everybody’s had a dream about being a super hero
or super heroine. I have many times in the playground when we pretend to be Cat Woman or Bat Girl. These four costumes are amazing value as you get four for around £20. Good for families with lots of kids (or one indecisive kid)!





5. Where’s Wally? That’s a very popular question in our playground over Purim. It may not be original but it’s cheap and cheerful and kids love it as it doesn’t get uncomfortable during a long day of partying.

6. In 2016 we sadly lost Gene Wilder, the original Willy Wonka from the musical version of Roald Dahl’s film. If you want your child to have a ‘squiftly’ day this is the costume that will do it.

7. This Hollywood Starlet Costume is one for the girls who dream of making it big in Hollywood – on Purim their dreams can come true!

8. These boys and girls pirates costumes will make sure it isn’t your kids who end up walking the plank this Purim.






If those aren’t quite right for you, here’s a few more costumes worth considering:

Alice in Wonderland

Captain America

The Flash

Green Alien


Iron Man

Medieval King

Army Camo

Disney’s Moana

So what else do you need for Purim? From funny books to napkins (for those hamantaschen crumbs) to noise makers for booing a certain someone… here’s a collection of Purim items to make your chag special: 

1. The Sneaky Tricky Hamantash: A Purim Story – This is a really sweet story that will make your child hungry for hamantashen

2. The Purim Superhero – This one is good to read before dressing up as a superhero because it gives you useful ideas about how to spend your time:

3. Lots of people have parties and so you will need serviettes because kids can be very messy:

4. There are lots of songs for festivals, but the Sesame Street gang are really good at coming up with ones you can remember as they are performed by furry puppets:

5. And then there are all the sweets which need to be collected in fancy Purim Gift Bags:

6. Your dad will look good in this Hamentashen Baseball Cap as you head off to the party:

7. You can make lots of noise with this Purim Gregger:

8.Or this one which comes in Blue, Pink, Or Yellow

Purim this year begins in the evening of Saturday, 11th March

We hope you have a great Purim whoever you decide to be!

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