Faithfold take top MSFL end-of-season awards

Faithfold take top MSFL end-of-season awards

Double-winners Faithfold scooped the Player and Manager-of-the-Year awards

Faithfold A took the top honours at the MSFL’s end-of-season awards evening on Monday after their successful season was rewarded by the club picking up both the Player and Manager of the Year Awards.

Zuriel Solomon’s side won the Premier Division by six points, though also created history by becoming the first MSFL side to win the prestigious London Intermediate Cup.

As such, Solomon was named Manager of the Year, while Daniel Howard was named Player of the Year.

Speaking of Faithfold’s achievements, League chairman David Wolff said: “Faithfold winning the London FA Cup was an exceptional feat – in being the first club ever to do it I think was tremendous.  I also feel Daniel was a worthy winner of the Player of the Year – I think we’ve chosen well!”

The ceremony at EDRS saw the four division champions and runners-up receive their medals, while Brady A’s Jordan Nathan was named Young Player of the Year.

Reflecting back on the season, Wolff said: I think Faithfold and Camden Park have been excellent sides this year, as have London Maccabi Lions. I’ve liked Oakwood B who I think have a very good side and the teams at the top of their divisions have performed really well, I think we have some excellent sides around the League.”

There were though also some negatives of the past campaign, which Wolff drew upon. He said: “On the downside there were far too many teams who pulled out of the League, it’s also a shame that there were so many defaults – the total number of which is totally unacceptable. I don’t know how we can address it next season, but we just hope people will play their games, the more competitive the league is, the less defaults there will be.”

Commenting on the level of play on show, he said: “The quality of football on show I think was on par with previous seasons, it hasn’t been any better, but a similar. I think I’d rather see the quality than the quantity, we don’t want to lose teams but I’d rather have more decent teams than also-rans.”

However, as the season now takes a break for three months, Wolff can’t wait for next season to start, saying: “I’m looking forward to next season – I always am!”



Premier Division:
Winners: Faithfold A
Runners-up: Hendon United A

First Division:
Winners: Camden Park
Runners-up: London Maccabi Lions B

Second Division:
Winners: Brady Maccabi B
Runners-up: Los Blancos

Third Division:
Winners: Oakwood B
Runners-up: FC Team C

Winners: London Maccabi Lions A
Runners-up: Redbridge Jewish Care A


First Division:
James Kent (Shirley Park)

Second Division:
Reiss Mogilner (Brady Maccabi B)

Third Division:
Ben Zloof (AC Mill Hill)

Team Secretary of the Year:
Josh Cohen (Los Blancos)

Referee of the Year:
Warwick Blake

Best Newcomer Referee of the Year:
Neil Cooper

Leading Goalscorers – Susan Lion Memorial Trophy
1) James Kent (35 goals)
2) Reiss Mogilner (33 goals)
3) Ben Zloof (32 goals)

Goalkeeper of the Year:
Simon Roth (Athletic Bilbaum)

Team Manager of the Year:
Zuriel Solomon (Faithfold A)

Sportsmanship/turnout award:
Los Blancos

Young Player of the Year:
Jordan Nathan (Brady Maccabi A)

Footballer of the year:
Daniel Howard (Faithfold A)

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