Faith Matters lunches new faith dialogue site: Religious Reader

Faith Matters lunches new faith dialogue site: Religious Reader

Faith_Matters_CC_logo copyFaith Matters has launched a new web-site for faith communities which will provide news, opinion, details of civil society events and international events that are relevant to faith communities in the United Kingdom.

This latest product, (the Religious Reader,, for faith communities is a culmination of the work of Faith Matters in ensuring that faith communities get access to varied content within the framework of valuing pluralism and the societal benefits that different faith communities provide to this country.

Commenting on the launch, the Director Faith Matters, Fiyaz Mughal OBE, stated that 
”at a time when there is so much talk of immigration at a political level, it is important to see and value what different communities provide to this country.”

“There is more benefit in a pluralist society than one which is mono-faith or mono-cultural and we hope that the Religious Reader web-site plays a role in supporting these core concepts.”

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