EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Semites must be excluded from voting for leader, says Corbyn

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EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Semites must be excluded from voting for leader, says Corbyn

Justin Cohen is the News Editor at the Jewish News

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has called for anti-Semites to be excluded from electing the next labour leader, writes By Justin Cohen

Bassetlaw MP John Mann complained to the party last week over a number of anti-Semitic and abusive messages from those expressing support for Corbyn on social media, with the frontrunner in the race to succeed Ed Miliband accused of not doing enough to address the issue.

Jeremy_CorbynBut a spokesman for Corbyn told the Jewish News: “Anyone who has been found by the party’s procedures committee to have been responsible for anti-Semitism should definitely be removed from the process of electing the leader.”

Labour said last week it was looking into the complaint from Mann, who highlighted messages including one claiming Hillary Clinton is in the pockets of big business and the Zionists” and another referring to “Zionist bankers”. Mann, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee against Antisemitism, was himself was referred to as a “Nazi Zionist”.

Among concerns about a host of extremists Corbyn has shared a platform with or defended, Mann, suggested those extremist sentiment were flocking to Corbyn “because of what they perceive he’ll stand for” and called on the Islington North MP to “show his intent by supporting them being thrown out” if they’ve become party members.

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch has also highlighted a number of anti-Semitic tweets by Corbyn supporters. One wrote “Jew and Zionists own the whole world” and another said: “f**k Israel and f**k Jews, they are the c**ts ruining the planet”.

It is not known which of the supporters who have expressed such sentiment online have voted in the leadership poll.

Mann said: “Action is now needed and I recommend that the Labour Party liaises with the CST to identify all those using anti-Semitic abuse in order that they can be expelled as Corbyn proposes.”

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