England star delivers community futsal clinic

England star delivers community futsal clinic

FUTSALKIDSEngland futsal international Jon Kurrant gave out some expert advice to wannabee futsal stars when he took time out to take part in half-term futsal clinic.

Hosted by Maccabi GB, Copthall School in Mill Hill, was the venue for a session which saw 21 young futsal enthusiasts from school years 5-8, attended the clinic to learn more about the small-sided game and develop their skills, movement and techniques.

Kurrant, who has led his men’s team to a currently undefeated season, said: “To have 21 boys who want to learn and develop in this still-relatively-new-sport is fantastic. These players are learning from some of the same drills that the Maccabi GB Futsal Team use, so there is no better place to be to see Futsal in action. We hope to build on this sport and want to see even more people attending the next courses we have planned. Maccabi GB has worked incredibly hard to develop Futsal within the Community and the benefits of this will see young players coming through to play in the National Futsal League, FA Futsal Cup and U19 Futsal Cup like the boys [in the current squad] are doing now.”

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