VIDEO: Why did the Israeli emu cross the road?

VIDEO: Why did the Israeli emu cross the road?

An emu went for a Sunday morning run in Herzliya.

The bird was caught on camera, legging it down a rainy road and weaving between cars.

Fortunately, motorists slowed down to avoid the animal.

At a junction, the emu can be seen narrowly avoiding a collision with a car.

Authorities say the bird  escaped from a private farm in the town.

Passer-by Iliya Zelser filmed the bird’s run. He says the experience made him feel like he was in a cartoon.

Zelser says he expected to hear the “beep beep” of the cartoon Road Runner.

The 27-year-old told news sources: “I said to myself in a second, a coyote will appear from behind. This was a really absurd situation.”

Dorit Basman, the spokesman for the town of Herzliya, says authorities caught the emu Sunday and safely returned it to its owner.


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