Labour candidate ‘extremely sorry’ for celebrating defeat of Ruth Smeeth

Labour candidate ‘extremely sorry’ for celebrating defeat of Ruth Smeeth

Emma Bonner-Morgan apologised after claiming it was 'one bit of good news' after the former parliamentary chair of JLM Ruth Smeeth lost her seat

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

Ruth Smeeth furious on Sky News after losing her seat
Ruth Smeeth furious on Sky News after losing her seat

A Labour candidate has apologised after celebrating the defeat of former MP Ruth Smeeth at last week’s election.

Emma Bonner-Morgan, who failed to win in Suffolk Central & Ipswich North, wrote on Facebook that it was “good news” the ex-parliamentary chair of the Jewish Labour Movement lost her job last Thursday.

This comes after Labour suffered heavy losses to the Tories in their traditional heartlands at the election, with Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party claiming an 80-seat majority.

Smeeth has been a fierce critic of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and handling of the antisemitism row. Upon being defeated, she said: “I am no longer MP – this is a disaster. Jeremy Corbyn should resign now before his own count is in”.

Commenting online, Bonner-Morgan said Smeeth’s defeat in Stoke On Trent North was “one bit of good news! She lost”.

Other users said: “Get lost Smeeth!”, “what an a*******” and that she “deserved to lose, hateful cow.”

Bonner-Morgan came second with 11,862 votes to her Tory opponent Dan Poulter, with 35,253.

Speaking to Jewish News, she said: “I am extremely sorry for my comment from the other day about a Labour MP not getting re-elected.”

I was feeling angry and upset at her comments about Jeremy Corbyn.  While I disagree with her comments, I should not have commented about the MP losing her seat.”

I had no intention of being insensitive and causing offence and I am sincerely sorry for having done so. I have now deleted the comment .”

Emma Bonner-Morgan celebrating Ruth Smeeth’s defeat

Stephane Savary, National Vice-Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement wrote on Twitter after her initial comments, that Bonner-Morgan “isn’t bothered with the torrent of abuse against Mrs Smeeth. Is this an acceptable behaviour from a labour candidate? Absolutely not. And yet this is the state of our party in 2019.”

Speaking to Jewish News this week, Smeeth said: “I’m not going away, and I’m not going to be quiet”, as she urged members of the community to join the Jewish Labour Movement in response to the impending resignation of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party has been approached for comment.

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