EasyJet: Paris-bound Jews ordered off plane by police
ARRESTOne arrested after mass disembarkation adds six-hour delay

EasyJet: Paris-bound Jews ordered off plane by police

Rare incident sees all 180 passengers disembark after plane staff report bad behaviour

James Marlow is a freelance journalist, writer, broadcaster and speaker.

EasyJet this week put the blame on Spanish police for removing more than 100 Jewish passengers from a Paris-bound flight from Barcelona, after reports of “disruptive behaviour” led to one arrest and a six-hour delay.

The controversy surrounding scheduled Flight EZY3920 on 1 May continued as EasyJet chiefs explained that all 180 passengers were ordered off the aircraft in what amounted to a “rare incident”.

EasyJet PR manager Andy Cockburn said passengers were “returned to the gate in Barcelona and were met by police due to a group of passengers behaving in a disruptive manner”.

He added: “All passengers were asked to disembark at the request of the police so they could speak to a small number of passengers in order to investigate the incident. Whilst such incidents are rare we take them very seriously and do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board.”

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