Ease into campus life with UniFest!

Ease into campus life with UniFest!

University students and school leavers will come together for a day-long festival to help prepare for campus life, writes James Graham.

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UniFest, on 10 September, sees attendees take part in workshops and lectures from academics and organisations to help them settle into university life.

Speakers include MasterChef finalist Emma Spitzer and Dalia Borenstein, international relationship manager at LinkedIn. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions to presidents of eight university Jewish societies, as well as members of the UJS.

Trevor Pears, executive chair of Pears Foundation which is backing the scheme, said: “The aim of Unifest is to provide a fun and creative space that will help students.”

Sessions will cover a range of subjects, including how to tackle anti-Semitism on campus, ways to engage with Israel advocacy, staying stress-free and an introduction to internship opportunities.

Jewish News is media partner for the event.

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