Dutch rapper investigated for anti-Semitic lyrics

Dutch rapper investigated for anti-Semitic lyrics

A Dutch Muslim rapper has been reported for rapping about how he hates “those f***ing Jews more than Nazis” and how he “does not shake hands with faggots,” a slang term for homosexuals.

Dutch police are investigating after a gay teenager filed a complaint saying that the lyrics incited hatred.

Ismo, whose real name is Ismael Houllich, defended his song, tweeting: “I do not hate all Jews, I hate the Zionists [that] ensure that Palestine become[s] almost as small as [my] neighborhood is.”

It is the latest example of an apparent growth in anti-Semitism in popular European culture, especially among minority groups. It comes after several major French cities banned comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala for his use of the “quenelle” gesture, described as a reverse Nazi salute.

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