Dozens of settlers moved to East Jerusalem complex

Dozens of settlers moved to East Jerusalem complex

East Jerusalem
East Jerusalem
Photo credit: Anthony Baratier
East Jerusalem is considered by International law to be part of the pre 1967 boundary

An organisation that moves Jews into Arab areas of East Jerusalem says it has placed dozens of Jewish Israelis in an apartment complex in Silwan, just outside the Old City.

Ateret Cohanim, one of several organisations dedicated to relocating Jews to East Jerusalem, says it moved the families in on Sunday night, doubling the Jewish presence in the area.

Ir Amim, a non-profit organisation focusing on the city of Jerusalem, criticised the move, saying: “The entry of more settlers into Silwan is another step toward closing the window for a diplomatic solution.”

Several weeks ago there were clashes after settlers moved into the area following the purchase of properties by an American group called Kendall Finances.

Later, religious nationalist politician and Housing Minister Uri Ariel visited the neighbourhood in solidarity with the settlers, attaching a mezuzah (small scroll of biblical verse inside a case) to the door. 

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