Diplomats in London cast early votes in Israeli election

Diplomats in London cast early votes in Israeli election

Ambassador Mark Regev took part in voting for the 28th Knesset at the Kensington Embassy

Ambassador Mark Regev casts his vote!
Ambassador Mark Regev casts his vote!

Israel’s election came to London this week, with diplomatic staff at the Israeli Embassy in Kensington voting for the 28th Knesset.

While the country’s election is not due to take place until Tuesday 9th April, more than 5,000 Israeli representatives in almost 100 missions around the world cast their postal votes this week, in order for them to be returned and counted on time.

Incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu is vying for a new mandate despite the recent recommendation from Israel’s attorney-general that he should be indicted on corruption charges.

The prime minister has dug his heels in and refused to resign, denying any wrongdoing, and polling suggests that he will still emerge as head of a new right-wing coalition despite his travails.

He is being challenged by a new parliamentary grouping comprising senior former defence officials, led by ex-IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, and the Yesh Atid party led by former TV presenter Yair Lapid.

Together their Blue and White party looks set to become the country’s main opposition bloc, while Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party is still expected to win the most seats, in combination with some fringe far-right groups.

Israel’s deputy ambassador, Sharon Bar Li
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