Diane Abbott’s constituency passes vote denying ‘institutional antisemitism’

Diane Abbott’s constituency passes vote denying ‘institutional antisemitism’

'Heartbreaking' motion passed by Labour's Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP yesterday, denies existence of widespread Jew hate in the party.

According to several unconfirmed reports, Diane Abbott was present during the vote.
According to several unconfirmed reports, Diane Abbott was present during the vote.

Labour has been urged to condemn a motion passed by party members in Diane Abbott’s constituency rejecting claims of “institutional antisemitism” in the party.

The motion, passed by Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP yesterday by 45 votes to 35, received widespread criticisms.

According to several reports, Diane Abbott was present during the vote; however this has not been confirmed by her office. 

When approached for comment, a member of Diane Abbott’s office said she was unavailable to comment and the Labour Party refused to comment.  

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, called on the party’s General Secretary Jennie Formby to investigate and added: “This is disgraceful. What on earth is going on in Hackney North Labour that such a motion can be put forward?”

Miriam Mirwitch, national chair of Young Labour, said: “This is motion is heartbreaking.

“Our movement has a proud history of Jewish socialists and fighting antisemitism. It’s a history we’re sadly forsaking. Solidarity with Jewish activists in Hackney North CLP and with everyone who voted against this disgraceful motion.”

The motion read: “We call on the NEC to release a statement firmly rejecting the accusation that Labour is in any way ‘institutionally racist’, making it clear that Labour and its current leader have a proud record of fighting racism.

“It is the capitalist system, and its relentless crises, unemployment, insecurity and unaffordable housing that foster racism.

“We also call on the NEC to immediately implement trigger ballot procedures in all constituencies to allow the party membership to decide who should represent them in Parliament.”

Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman said: “Chris Williamson MP may have been suspended after one Jew-baiting exercise too many this week, but clearly the antisemitism deniers are still in the ascendancy in Hackney North CLP.

“The leadership need to condemn this motion and those who made it to demonstrate that they are serious about removing institutional Jew hate from the party.”

Meanwhile, the Sheffield Hallam CLP passed a motion expressing solidarity with suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson, claiming he was “falsely accused of antisemitism”.

“This is an excuse for Tom Watson and the anti-Corbyn wing of the Parliamentary Labour Party to demand his removal from the party.”

The motion was passed 40 to one, as first reported by Labour activist Luisa Attfield.

A Labour Party source said: “CLPs are not involved in individual disciplinary cases and can’t influence them, which would be entirely inappropriate.

“Rather than looking inwards and fueling internal divisions, we should be focusing on campaigning, developing our hugely popular manifesto and working together to fight the Tories.

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