David Lammy faces deselection calls for attending Enough is Enough rally

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David Lammy faces deselection calls for attending Enough is Enough rally

Tottenham MP faces backlash as left-wing activists seek to remove criticism of party leader Jeremy Corbyn in local party motions

David Lammy (third from the left) alongside members of the Stamford Hill Jewish community he represents, during Monday's #EnoughIsEnough demo
David Lammy (third from the left) alongside members of the Stamford Hill Jewish community he represents, during Monday's #EnoughIsEnough demo

Left-wing activists this week began taking their revenge on MPs who supported Monday night’s protest against anti-Semitism in the Labour Party as others sought to remove any criticism of Jeremy Corbyn in local party motions.

In Tottenham, Labour members joined an online chorus calling for the deselection of local MP David Lammy for joining the ‘Enough is Enough’ demonstration at Parliament Square.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday morning, Camden councillors complained of a “depressing” meeting at which supporters of grassroots group Momentum are alleged to have voted against wording in a motion condemning Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In Haringey, Lammy’s attendance was criticised by Corbyn supporters because it was seen as part of a wider attack against the Labour leader.

On Tuesday night, one wrote that he “would generally support our MP standing by fellow Jewish citizens against anti-Semitism but given the wider political context of yesterday’s demonstration and the way in which its critical focus on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has been exploited I’m disappointed that David saw fit to join [it]”.

Another said Lammy’s appearance was “a kick in the teeth for all our Jewish comrades standing against this bull***t,” while another said: “I want a candidate in the next election who wants Labour to win.” They add, “he can be triggered in December if we have not had an election by then”, in reference to deselection.

Councillor Joe Goldberg last year reported being “threatened by Labour Party members for voting for a motion on anti-Semitism” at a council meeting in Haringey. This week he said: “This is institutional. Today’s Tottenham Facebook page beggars belief as proof of this.”

In Camden, Shadow Lords Health Minister Baroness Glenys Thornton, who was until recently the chief executive of The Young Foundation, tweeted: “Well that was an interesting if depressing @CamdenLabour GC.”

She added: “@PeoplesMomentum voted against @jeremycorbyn words when they were added to the resolution condemning antisemitism. Some Jewish members said how they felt… clear we have a mountain to climb.”

Mike Katz, the vice-chair of the Jewish Labour Movement who last year sought to become the MP for Hendon, tweeted: “This is not undermining the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is Labour’s leader. That is beyond doubt. His mandate is beyond challenge. But with great power comes great responsibility.”

He added: “This is a challenge to him to *lead* the Labour party – and the wider movement – out of this toxic situation and make all parts of Labour safe for Jews.”


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