David Baddiel’s radio show pulled after 120 complaints

David Baddiel’s radio show pulled after 120 complaints

The Jewish comic's slot called 'Don’t Make Me Laugh' drew criticism for its jokes about the Queen's sex life

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

David Baddiel
David Baddiel

David Baddiel’s Radio 4 show ‘Don’t Make Me Laugh’ has been dropped after 120 people complained about contestants making crude jokes about the Queen’s sex life.

The show in question, which aired on the Queen’s 90th birthday, heard panellists including comic Russell Kane address the topic they were given, which was: “The Queen must have had sex at least four times.”

The BBC Trust ruled that the panellists’ comments had been “personal, intrusive and demeaning,” and set out their concerns in a damning statement.

“Trustees found it hard to imagine circumstances in which this broadcast at any time or on any day would not have given rise to significant unjustified offence,” they said, adding that it was “a serious breach of the editorial guidelines for harm and offence”.

Radio 4 bosses at first moved the programming from 6.30pm to 11pm, but this week came news that the show Baddiel created and fronted will be axed altogether. A spokeswoman said: “Not all shows get recommissioned as otherwise it would be impossible to try out fresh formats and ideas.”

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