Crowdfunding campaign launched for Holocaust survivor film

Crowdfunding campaign launched for Holocaust survivor film

After Auschwitz reflects on the emotional story of Shoah survivor coming to terms with 'deep sense of loss'

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

A filmmaker has launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable him to submit his short film about the emotional challenges faced by an Auschwitz survivor to festivals.

Bolton-based director Paul Binkhorn is searching for assistance to take his film ‘After Auschwitz’ to events and festivals nationally and internationally.

The film explores the emotional story of Rebeka – a survivor played by Cathleen Blower – who reflects on decisions in her life and the moral obligations of being a survivor.

The 12-minute clip focuses on the part religion has played in accepting her past, and the decisions she has and hasn’t made, which led to her feeling a deep sense of loss.

On the film’s crowdfunder page, which seeks to raise £800, it explains that many festivals charge fees to submit short films for consideration.

“For filmmakers like us who are submitting to multiple festivals the collective cost of these fees can prove to be a barrier to getting our work seen.”

Paul told the Jewish News:  “At a time when we are becoming increasingly concerned about what the future has in store, it is incredibly important that we take time to reflect and to educate.  I hope that my short film ‘After Auschwitz’ can be a part of the ongoing discussion surrounding faith and tolerance. It is dedicated to those that survive.”

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