Coventry Jsoc hosts ‘largest’ Shabbat meal for local community

Coventry Jsoc hosts ‘largest’ Shabbat meal for local community


Coventry University Jewish Society held a ‘landmark’ Friday night Shabbat meal, in the Student Union last Friday.

The Jsoc hosted its largest Friday night shabbat meal, with over 25 local Jewish residents.


The aim of the event was to “establish a long term relationship with the local Jewish community here so that lots more freshers and attendees can enjoy the community and what they have to offer.”

The meal provided attendees with a three course meal and sides, as each family in the community brought a dish to share.

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President, Joel Berkowitz said “It was nice to have some tasty home cooked food and I’m certain everyone enjoyed it!”

The Jsoc also used the evening to officially hand over the Coventry Jsoc to the new 2015-16 committee.

New president Josephine Davidoff was given the reigns.




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