Corbyn’s son jumps to judgement to blame Palestinian infant’s death on Israel

Corbyn’s son jumps to judgement to blame Palestinian infant’s death on Israel

The 26-year-old accused of 'peddling lies' for tweeting unproven claim that IDF was behind baby's death – Israel says Hamas rocket to blame.

Tommy Corbyn's tweet / Twitter
Tommy Corbyn's tweet / Twitter

Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy faces criticism for sharing an image of a dead Palestinian infant and claiming she was killed by an Israeli rocket.

“14-month-old Seba Abu Arar and her pregnant mother were murdered last night by an Israeli air strike on Gaza,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The world needs to see this image. The world needs to get angry about this image. The world needs to wake up and stand in solidarity with Palestine. RIP.”

The 26-year-old founder of the online store National Hemp Service tweeted amid 48 hours of clashes between Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists and the IDF.

Hamas launched nearly 700 rockets at Israel over the weekend, prompting the IDF to retaliate and hit over 350 targets.

A ceasefire was agreed on Monday morning, following Egyptian meditation.

The 14-month infant in the picture was killed along with her mother by a misfired Gaza rocket, according to the Israeli military – a claim denied by Hamas.

Corbyn appears to have ignored calls to delete his tweet, which remains on his timeline due to concerns about its possible inaccuracy.

He later shared a message by rapper Lowkey suggesting Israel was responsible for initiating the clashes.

“The rule across all media is: always precede reports of Israeli killing of Palestinians in Gaza with a number of rockets, even if 24 hours before said rockets Israel has snipered unarmed protestors attempting to practise their right of return as guaranteed by UN Resolution 194,” the tweet read.

Paul Charney, chairman of Zionist Federation of UK and Ireland, accused him of peddling lies and added that a “Corbyn seemingly never changes its spots.”

“For the son of the most notorious anti-Zionist in the country – namely Jeremy Corbyn – to continue to peddle the lies, then it seems we are in for another generation of blatant racism,” Charney said.

“It’s criminal when Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists fire death rockets from Gaza civilian homes into Israeli civilian homes but when the ‘wrong’ civilians are mistakenly killed and the world are quick to blame Israel no matter the facts, then it must be antisemitism.”

Corbyn has been contacted for comment but did not immediately respond.

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