Corbyn stands down as chair of Stop the War Coalition

Corbyn stands down as chair of Stop the War Coalition

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has stepped down as chairman of Stop the War Coalition after almost four years in charge.

The newly elected Labour leader severed ties to the anti-Israel group on Saturday, after it published a poem accusing the Queen of “lubricating war” and of having “a criminal record”.

In a letter, published on the group’s website, Corbyn wrote: “I have been proud to be Chair of the Coalition for the last four years. It represents the very best in British political campaigning, and its cause of opposing war, upholding civil liberties and resisting Islamophobia will remain my cause.” 

He had earlier had to pull out of a speaking commitment at the group’s annual conference for the first time since it was set up in 2001 to oppose the “War on Terror.” 

It has since organised rallies against military action in Afghanistan and Iraq by Allied forces, and against Israel’s actions in Gaza. It has strong links to the Socialist movement and to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The group has long antagonised Israel’s supporters in the UK, who have suggested that it borders on latent anti-Semitism. 

Among the more disturbing articles StWC has published was one dated 26 June 2015, which asked: “Did Israel kill so many pregnant women in the assault on Gaza in 2014 because they were human shields for unborn ‘terrorists’?”

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