EXCLUSIVE: Channel 5 probe Big Brother contestant who idolises Adolf Hitler

EXCLUSIVE: Channel 5 probe Big Brother contestant who idolises Adolf Hitler

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Channel 5 has launched an investigation into a Celebrity Big Brother contestant who idolises Adolf Hitler and uses social media to rant about Jews and Zionists.

Hundreds have signed a petition from Campaign Against Anti-Semitism decrying the inclusion of Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, otherwise known as “Tila Tequila”, while the Board of Deputies called for her to be kicked out – as Channel 5 insisted it was aware of her controversial remarks before she entered the house in Borehamwood.

‘Tila Tequila’

A former Playboy centre-fold said she tried to convert to Judaism in 2012 but was “rejected” and “mocked”. She has since said she is “Hitler Reborn” and has posted cartoonish photos of herself wearing a swastika armband outside Auschwitz. 

In 2013, the single mother posted an article under the title: ‘Why I Sympathise with Hitler: Part I’ on her website. She denied that it was “derived from anti-Semitism,” saying instead that it was a tribute to a man “who stood up for his country”.

The bisexual singer was subsequently banned from Facebook on several occasions, leading to angry rants in which she called the social media network “Jewbook,” because “it is owned by the Zionists”.

A Channel 5 spokesperson told the Jewish News: “These comments did not come to the attention of either Channel 5 or Endemol prior to this housemate’s entry into the Celebrity Big Brother House. We are currently investigating these comments.”

A CAA spokesman said: “The British public has little time for attention seeking Nazi sympathisers like [her]. Channel 5 and Endemol ought to be ashamed of themselves for promoting such a deeply offensive and nasty person on primetime TV.” 

He added: “Her repulsive writings on Hitler, the Holocaust and Jews make her a totally unacceptable participant. Channel 5 ought to remove her immediately from the programme, and apologise fully for their enormous error of judgement.” Board of deputies president Jonathan Arkush said his organisation had lodged a “strong” protest calling her the contestant to be removed from the show.

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