Chris Williamson sends solidarity message to Jackie Walker ahead of hearing

Chris Williamson sends solidarity message to Jackie Walker ahead of hearing

Former Momentum vice-chair faces a long-delayed disciplinary hearing today on allegations of antisemitism.

A still from the video of Monday night's meeting.
A still from the video of Monday night's meeting.

Labour Against the Witchhunt claims suspended MP Chris Williamson sent Jackie Walker a message of support ahead of her disciplinary hearing.

Walker, a former Momentum vice-chair, faces a disciplinary hearing on allegations of antisemitism before Labour’s ruling body today. 

Labour Against the Witchhunt hosted a rally in support of Chris Williamson and Jackie Walker at an undisclosed location in London yesterday evening ahead of Walker’s hearing.

The event was attended by former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker and Jewish Voice for Labour member Graham Bash.

A message of support, claimed to be from Williamson, was read aloud at the rally by activist Tina Werkmann in defence of both Walker and Livingstone.

“Whether it was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Jewish community in Cable Street against Oswald Mosley’s fascists, or confronting the fascist National Front via the Anti-Nazi League in the 1970s, Labour Party members have always been at the forefront,” the message says.

It says: “That’s one of the reasons why we owe Ken a debt of gratitude. He was in the vanguard of those challenging all forms of bigotry at that time, he played a huge role in shifting public opinion.

“And let’s also remember that Jackie Walker has spent her life fighting racism, as well as being a target of it.

“She helped to spearhead the efforts to stop Nigel Farage obtaining a parliamentary platform for his bigoted credo, when he stood as a parliamentary candidate in South Thanet in 2015.

“Thank you, Jackie, for your tenacity and your bravery.”

It adds: “But there is of course more to do, which is why we need to unite to stand up to bigotry that manifests itself in racism, Islamophobia, misogyny and antisemitism.”

Labour Against the Witchhunt has attracted controversy over its claims allegations of antisemitism in the party are part of a targeted smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and critics of Israel.

Williamson was suspended from the party last month pending an investigation. He has been approached for comment but did not immediately reply. 

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