Chief Rabbi Sacks royal tribute dinner – Lady Elaine Sacks’ speech

Chief Rabbi Sacks royal tribute dinner – Lady Elaine Sacks’ speech

“Experience has taught me that it’s always good to speak before the Chief Rabbi as he is always a difficult act to follow.

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Lady Elaine Sacks at an Emunah event

Over the past 22 years I have been privileged to see the work of many wonderful charities, and am continually overawed by the amazing and selfless people who work there.

I have been welcomed into inspirational schools, and seen the joy on young children’s faces as they celebrate Shabbat and Chaggim. Our heritage, our future.

I have travelled the country and been welcomed into communities far and wide.

Indeed I have travelled abroad visiting communities I never knew existed.

We have met, and welcomed into our home, all sorts of wonderful and interesting people.

Over the last 22 years, my life has been full of privilege, and I feel humbled by it all.

But, I want you to know I could not have done any of this without my wonderful husband!

He has been an inspiration to me, through the years, and guided me at every step.

To you, Jonathan Sacks may just be Lord, Professor, Chief Rabbi.

But to myself and the family he is husband, Dad and Sabba.

So it gives me very great pleasure to welcome onto the stage, my husband, your Chief Rabbi.”

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