Chief Rabbi at Limmud: ‘Invest in Jewish education for the sake of our future’

Chief Rabbi at Limmud: ‘Invest in Jewish education for the sake of our future’

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis marked his visit to Limmud conference, by echoing the importance of Jewish education, writes Jack Mendel

In his second session at this year’s Limmud conference, Chief Rabbi Mirvis spoke about ‘the most important verse in the Torah.’

He covered five key versus; the Shema, to love your neighbour as yourself, the importance of offering sacrificial lambs as the beginning of a new process, the creation of man and a section from the Mishna which focuses upon education. 

The address emphasised the need to continue to teach Torah, and to educate the Jewish community in order to ensure its continuation.

He outlined that “The study of Torah is the greatest enabler. Once you have studied Torah, you know what is written in the handbook.”

The Chief Rabbi stressed the importance of Torah for Jewish education, outlining that “When I study Torah, that information and education becomes internalised inside me. It will fashion my ways and guide my policies.. It will have a deep rooted effect on everything I do for the rest of my life.”

“In our tradition education is so crucially important. It’s the greatest key to Jewish survival.”

“This does not just mean Jewish education” as important as that is. In addition we need cultural and social centres for children and youth and adults.”

“And yes, we need Limmud conferences. Events in which we can come together in order to study out faith and to deepen our connection with our Jewish roots”. 

He concluded by stressing the importance of giving young Jews all the facts and options before you ‘make a stand.’

“We want our Children and grandchildren and all subsequent generations to make a Jewish stand.. We need to give them the facts. We need to invest in the best possible education. Education comes from the term dedication. You can only have dedication [to Judaism] if you have education.”

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