Chief Rabbi addresses UJS political leadership summit

Chief Rabbi addresses UJS political leadership summit

The Chief Rabbi addressed the Union of Jewish Students’ political leadership summit this week, emphasising the importance of activism and the power of community, writes Daniella Reyhanian.

The event, held at JW3 and attended by more than 70 student leaders, saw Rabbi Mirvis reaffirm his commitment to Jewish students across university campuses.

Chief Rabbi group shot
The Chief Rabbi (centre) pictured with the students

Rabbi Mirvis said, “Action is at the core of Jewish practice. A good Jew is not the one who just thinks and has good intentions, but one who acts and makes a difference. We must aim to provide strength, hope, encouragement and inspiration to those who turn to us and we must seek to reach out to those who don’t turn to us.”

The Chief Rabbi also stated that, “It is important to educate people to provide knowledge of what people should be attached to and their identities.”

This talk follows a series of similar events for Jewish students held by Mirvis this summer.

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