Channel 4’s new presenters are 100-year-old Jewish Care members!

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Channel 4’s new presenters are 100-year-old Jewish Care members!

Beattie Orwell and Millie Finger are spending the week introducing programmes to mark the centenary of women getting the vote

Two Jewish Care members – Beattie Orwell and Millie Finger – will this week be acting as TV presenters, taking to the airwaves to introduce the likes of Countdown and Hollyoaks.

In celebration of 100 years since British women were granted the vote, the centenarians, who are regulars at the charity’s Brenner Centre at Stepney Jewish Community Centre, will be recalling their memories from the early 20th century from a comfy armchair, before introducing their assigned TV show.

Beattie, who features in this week’s 100-second interview in the Jewish News, was born during the end of the first world war in Aldgate, and worked as an over locker in a men’s trouser factory.

Elected as a local councillor in Tower Hamlets, she met the Queen and the Prime Minister of the time, Edward Heath and is proud to be the longest known member of the Labour Party.

She has three children, 12 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and four great, great grandchildren – the newest of whom are twin boys born earlier this year.

Beattie and Millie on set. Picture: David Akinsanya

Millie, who was born and raised in the East End, lives alone in a council flat in the East End. Featuring in Jewish Care’s campaign dinner video, she turned 100 last March and celebrated with a party thrown for her at the Community Centre.

Her daughter, who was her lifeline, passed away a few years ago and the only family she has left is a niece and nephew neither of whom live nearby. She calls the Jewish Care Centre her lifeline, “giving me a reason to live”.

Childhood friends living on the same East End estate, they lost contact with each other after they married, but met again on Beattie’s first day at the Centre – and have remained close friends ever since.

Lisa Wimborne, Head of PR at Jewish Care said: “Jewish Care were delighted to be able to facilitate this meaningful opportunity for Millie and Beattie. As a society we don’t do enough to recognise and celebrate the contribution, experiences and wisdom of older people – this campaign does just that.

“Millie and Beattie’s friends at the Brenner Centre at Stepney Community Centre are looking forward to seeing a screening of the clips together this week. The members were also delighted to hear that Channel 4 will be paying the day centre a location fee that will be spent on a special activity for everyone’s benefit.”

Help perform the greatest mitzvah: save a life

While life in Israel has returned to normal and hopes are high that Britain is set for a summer without restrictions thanks to vaccines, for billions around the world there is no such imminent light at the end of the tunnel. In the majority of countries around the globe, particularly the poorest, the vaccine rollout has barely kicked off.

That's why Jewish News, the leading source of news and opinion for the entire UK community, is throwing its full weight behind UNICEF’s VaccinAid campaign by using this platform usually reserved for encouraging donations towards our own journalism to instead urge our readers around the globe to perform the greatest mitzvah: saving a life.

We have never before done this for any charity fundraiser but it's hard to recall a campaign that affects so many people, and indeed an entire planet aching for a return to normality. Just like the Chief Rabbi and Rachel Riley, we hope to boost the mission to deliver two billion vaccines, 165 million treatments and 900 million test kits around the world by the end of this year.

Please donate as much as you can, in the spirit of the Talmudic sages: “to save one life is to save the world entire”

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