Chai-lights from Edinburgh!

Chai-lights from Edinburgh!

Check out our guide to the 10 best Jewish acts to catch at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe…

Francine Wolfisz is the Features Editor for Jewish News.

Joe Bor, Rachel Creeger, Philip Simon and Aaron Levene
Joe Bor, Rachel Creeger, Philip Simon and Aaron Levene

Aaron Levene: Jew-O-Rama returns to Edinburgh with its rotating line-up of Jewish stand-up comedians, following a sell-out run last year and at the Camden Fringe in 2017. Levene, 43, describes himself as a “likable Bu-Jew” with darkly funny tales of neurosis and family. Aug 3 to Aug 25

Boycotted: Comedy from Israel

David Kilimnick, hailed as “Israel’s father of Anglo-comedy”, takes a look at the funny side of life in his adopted country and the wider Middle East, alongside fellow Israeli comedians Gil Rosenberg, dubbed “the Jerusalem nerd” and Ofir Kariyo, “the world’s most Arab Jew”.  Aug 2 to Aug 26. 

Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale

Follow the wild adventures of Marlon Solomon into the world of conspiracy theories. Marlon tells of his shocking encounter with Holocaust denial, his ensuing decision to take a deeper look into wild theories, and how today’s era of fake news helps fuel their popularity. Aug 1 to Aug 25.

Conspiracy theories with Marlon Solomons

Pink House explores the tough journey of a young girl and her adoption by a Jewish grandmother. This play explores the difficult yet heartfelt relationship that develops between them and broader concepts, such as a sense of belonging and Jewish heritage. Aug 10 to Aug 26.

Old Jewish Jokes. Ivor Dembina returns for his seventh consecutive year for the UK’s longest-running and most successful ever Jewish comedy show. Based on a true story, Dembina performs some of his favourite kosher gags alongside his personal take on the life of the modern Jewish comic. Aug 1 to Aug 25. 

Who’s the Daddy Pig? Having once starred in the stage production of Peppa Pig, Philip Simon knew exactly who to turn to for parenting advice once he became a real dad. Hear the former Mock the Week writer’s hilarious take on the complexities of modern dating and fatherhood. Aug 3 to Aug 25. 

Who’s the Daddy Pig?

Joe Bor: The Story of Walter and Herbert.  Award-winning comedian Joe Bor retells the story of friendship between his grandad (world-renowned town planner, Walter Bor) and his grandad’s best friend (comedy actor, Herbert Lom) and their journey from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to the UK. Aug 1 to Aug 25.

Rachel Creeger: Hinayni! New show from the award-winning comedian behind It’s No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl. Seeing herself in someone else’s reflection highlights honest thoughts Rachel only admits to herself in the middle of the night – or on stage. Until August 26.

Rachel Creeger

I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical. Alexander S Bermange’s honest account of life as a musical theatre performer. Covering the journey from wide-eyed drama student to brattish diva, or past-it chorus member, or bitter has-been (or never-was), this show lifts the lid on awful auditions, debilitating dance routines, mid-performance mishaps, and backstage backstabbing – plus those magical moments that make it all worthwhile. Until August 26.


  • Compiled by David Legmann
Ian Rankin with fellow authors Kate Mosse and Jenny Colgan at the first preview of ‘I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical’ at the Edinburgh Fringe, written by Jewish composer and lyricist Alexander S. Bermange
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