Care home reaches out to 81-year-old veteran who ‘no longer felt cared for’

Care home reaches out to 81-year-old veteran who ‘no longer felt cared for’

Former chair of AJEX House Friendship Association, Leon Newmark, wrote letter in Jewish News about his situation, leading to Jewish Choice in Wembley offering him an alternative

Jewish Choice in Wembley
Jewish Choice in Wembley

An historic Sephardi care home complex for elderly Jews in Wembley has reached out to an 81-year old Jewish News reader who said he felt let down by carers in his current sheltered housing accommodation in Stamford Hill.

Leon Newmark, who lives with fellow veterans of both HM Armed Forces and the Israel Defence Forces, said they “no longer feel properly care for” where they were, adding that staff were “demoralised and worried about their jobs”.

Newmark, a former chair of AJEX House Friendship Association, had a reply this week from Jewish Choice in Wembley, which until 2017 traded as Edinburgh House.

The organisation read Leon’s letter in last week’s Jewish News and responded by offering Leon and any other disgruntled residents accommodation in their complex, which includes a care home, day care and independent living apartments.

“We currently have some vacant flats available here on our site that may be of interest to you and others who are over 60 years of age, yet able Jewish singles or couples in your block,” wrote Jewish Choice chief executive Paula Peake.

Edinburgh House started life in 1747 as the Beth Holim in the Mile End Road, set up by the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish community of England for medical care of the community’s poor. It was one of the UK’s first Charities and the first hospital in Europe to offer affordable professional care combined with a Jewish way of life.

It is not yet clear whether Newmark will take the organisation up on their offer.

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