Campaign urges UK Government to end UN’s criticism of Israel

Campaign urges UK Government to end UN’s criticism of Israel

The Israel Britain Alliance launches initiative to put a stop to 'the ridiculous and farcical' bias of the United Nations

UN General Assembly hall
UN General Assembly hall

A project of the Zionist Federation has launched a campaign calling for the UK Government to put pressure on the United Nations to stop criticising Israel.

The Israel Britain Alliance (IBA) said the renewed push followed speeches at the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week, in which both Donald Trump and Theresa May were critical of the UN.

“The attacks on Israel at the UN have now travelled way past ridiculous and farcical,” said IBA director Mike McCann, a one-time MP.

“While Palestinian women were murdered and subjugated for the sake of male honour, and while Sudanese women were forced to give birth with their legs shackled for the crime of being Christians, the UN condemned Israel for violating the rights of women.”

In April Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations, slammed the organisation saying: “It’s high time the UN Security Council set its sights on Iran, rather than Israel.”

McCann said that the Palestinians “use the United Nations as a propaganda tool,” adding: “They still support terror.”

He called on the British government to step in, saying: “Britain can and must play a lead role in stopping the Israel bashing… The British Government can do more and we offer them our support to start that work in this campaign.”

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