Campaign raising funds to fly ‘Expel Ken #CorbynOut’ banner at FA Cup tie

Campaign raising funds to fly ‘Expel Ken #CorbynOut’ banner at FA Cup tie

Crowdfunding drive is seeking £6,000 to fly the message over Wembley Stadium when Arsenal clash with Manchester City

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to fly a banner over Wembley Stadium during the Arsenal versus Manchester City FA Cup semi final later this month, which reads ‘Expel Ken #CorbynOut’.

The scheme, which has so far generated donations totalling £970, needs to raise a further £5,030 to successfully take flight on 23 April.

The donation page states: “Whether you’re supporting Arsenal or City that day, or Chelsea or Spurs the day before, or any other club, whether you’re Jewish or not, this is a message that all genuine anti-racists can get behind.”

It adds: “Ken Livingstone has spent years going out of his way to pick fights with Jews. Banging on about Hitler ‘supporting Zionism’ is not ‘criticism of Israel’. It is a lie, and an attempt to humiliate Jews by associating them with Hitler. Yet he remains a Labour member.”

The campaign further claims that under Jeremy Corbyn, who is an Arsenal fan, Labour’s “persistent tolerance of Livingstone is a symptom of a wider problem. Corbyn is a friend of dictators and terrorists. He’s met Assad and he opposed action against his chemical weapons; he has history with Assad’s backers, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah.” It concludes: “Say No to Racism”, which is the slogan of UEFA campaign trying to eliminate racism, discrimination and hatred in the sport.

A screenshot from the campaign page
A screenshot from the campaign page, featuring Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone on the left, and Wembley Stadium on the bottom right.

A spokesperson for the campaign added: “As it’s Pesach we just felt that if Labour is ever to rise again, it first needs to remove its chametz. There was a #WengerOut plane and that guy’s won three titles. Under Corbyn, Labour’s never been out of the relegation zone.”

Ken Livingstone was suspended by his party last week for bringing Labour into disrepute for claiming Hitler supported Zionism despite overwhelming calls for his expulsion.

Jeremy Corbyn announced within hours of the decision that the party’s National Executive Committee would start a new investigation.


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