World Roundup – the ‘Hitler wine’ company

World Roundup – the ‘Hitler wine’ company

From so-called ‘cult wine’ to Jewish comedians marrying into Monaco aristocracy, we have it all here once again in our world Jewish news round-up, dated 12 August.


A Jewish stand-up comedian is set to marry into Monaco’s royal family. Gad Elmaleh, a French-Moroccan actor, is to wed Charlotte Casiraghi, the 27-year old daughter of Princess Caroline. Casiraghi, the granddaughter of Grace Kelly, is also expecting her first child.


Jewish organisations have signalled a commitment to Ethiopia despite the Falashmura having now made aliyah. Dr. Rick Hodes, director for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, said: ‘We don’t want to take 80,000 Jews out of Ethiopia and now tell everyone left to just f— off.’


An Italian wine company selling wine with Nazi labels is the subject of a boycott call after the Simon Wiesenthal Center said the products ‘demean, diminish and mock Hitler’s victims.’ Lunardelli says the wines, which feature photos of Hitler, are a ‘cult object among the collectors.’


Two prominent rabbis are at odds in the campaign to overturn Polish shechita ban. Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the Chabad-affiliated Rabbinical Centre accused Polish Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich of ‘torpedoing’ their meetings and of acting as if ‘Poland was his own personal fiefdom’.

United States

Three people have been arrested for firing a paintball gun at two members of New York’s Jewish volunteer patrol group, Chaverim. The trio are accused of a hate crime after reportedly yelling anti-Semitic slurs. The area in which the attack occurred is well-known for its racial tensions.


Jewish groups have welcomed Kremlin plans to review the case of a Jewish teacher who was last week was sentenced to seven years for bribery. During Ilya Farber’s first trial in 2012, prosecutors allegedly asked: ‘Can anyone with the last name Farber truly help a village for free?’

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