Call for the community to get behind Israel in vital Euro 2016 clash with Wales

Call for the community to get behind Israel in vital Euro 2016 clash with Wales

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Israel’s supporters are being urged to get behind the national football team for the crunch Euro 2016 qualifier against Wales. 

Local community groups are working with the Zionist Federation and Israeli embassy to organise a pre-match celebration outside Cardiff City Stadium, and pro-Israel groups from around the country are organising coach travel.

Israel currently sit in third place behind Wales and Beligum in their qualification group for next year’s tournament in France, and a win on September 6th could propel them into a play-off place.

Thousands of seats inside the ground have been reserved for “proud Israel supporters, in blue and white, celebrating all they love about Israel”.

Zionist Federation Chairman Paul Charney said the match represents “a unique opportunity to show the Israeli football team the full breadth of support they have in the UK.”

He added: “Much like Israel itself, the team showcases co-existence and co-operation between those of different backgrounds – something in rare supply in the Middle East these days.”

Executive Director Arieh Miller said: “It is unfortunate that a small number of anti-Israel activists have sought to undermine the welcoming nature of this region by promoting boycotts and hatred rather than dialogue and sport as a means to positive steps for the future.

“We plan to make sure that these groups are not allowed to represent the UK.”

Tickets for the game cost just £20 each, with details available here.

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