Bye Bye Nick: BNP leader Griffin’s 2014 Euro exit

Bye Bye Nick: BNP leader Griffin’s 2014 Euro exit

The Jewish community this week was cheered by the flailing fortunes of BNP leader Nick Griffin, whose 2014 took a turn for the worse when he lost his European seat only months after being declared bankrupt.1

After the Bank Holiday weekend vote, the British National party chairman (pictured, right) conceded that he had lost his position as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

“British Jewry can celebrate the defeat of the British National Party,” read a triumphant statement from the Movement for Reform Judaism (MRJ), one of many Jewish groups applauding the party’s demise.

Online, Twitter users were quick to alert the far-right leader to the availability and opening hours of Job Centres in his area.

Others pointed out that the initials MEP still appeared after his name on his social media accounts.

Griffin was unrepentant, however, referring to far-right French group Front National (FN) and UKIP as “soft” and saying that Greek voters had been denied ballot slips in what he called “a massive fraud”.

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