Bulgarians get kitted out by Lions

Bulgarians get kitted out by Lions

LIONSBULEighty unused London Lions football kits have found a worthy new home in Bulgaria thanks to the charity ORT UK.

World ORT, the world’s largest Jewish educational NGO, helps in more than 60 countries to provide both the Jewish and non-Jewish community with education and training opportunities to help improve lives.

The Arkley-based club donated a range of used kit to the Dimitro Debeljanov Lauder-ORT school in Sofia, which housing almost 1,000 pupils, was in dire need of sports equipment.

Dan Green, Executive Director of ORT said: “Many ORT schools have little or no sports or playground equipment, so it was great to receive help in this way.”

Maccabi London Lions’ David Kyte said: “Things we take for granted like a new kit for the team is something that is much needed elsewhere and the club is only too pleased to partner with ORT. We hope we can extend this partnership in a number of exciting ways.”

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