Brown steps down as manager of London Rovers

Brown steps down as manager of London Rovers

Andrew Sherwood is the Jewish News Sport and Community Editor


by Andrew Sherwood

Jeremy Brown, manager of last season’s Division Three champions, London Rovers, has stepped down from the post with immediate effect.

Issuing a statement, Brown said: “I am very sad to announce that with immediate effect, I am standing down as manager of London Rovers.”

“My decision is due to personal reasons and that I am at a point in time where my business requires my full time attention and I therefore would have limited time to focus on the team.”

“I am someone who does things with full commitment or not at all. It will be a very long season and in a very difficult division and the team need someone who can take regular training sessions and build a strong, committed and high spirited team. This is something we were able to achieve last season and with the right people in charge this can be achieved again. Unfortunately my limited time available would not be sufficient for this and the team deserve 100% commitment.”

“Last season was the most enjoyable I have experienced in all my time in Jewish football both as a player and manager going back 15 years. We achieved something really special and broke records along the way. It is very important that the team continue to develop and stick together as I am certain there can be more glory days ahead. I would like to thank everyone involved at the club from the start until now and I will be following the teams progress with great interest. COME ON ROVERS!”

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