British olim mourn Hadar Goldin

British olim mourn Hadar Goldin

1st Lt  Hadar Goldin
Hadar Goldin

British Jews living in Israel have told of their distress following news of the death of Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin, who had links to the UK.

Friends of his fiancée, Edna, relayed the sadness of the community in Yad Binyamin, after the 23-year old second lieutenant’s family ended up at his funeral rather than his wedding.

Sara Curtis, who lived in Edgware before making aliyah three years ago, told Jewish News about the young woman in the neighbouring yishuv that Goldin (pictured) was due to marry.

“She is such a sweet, caring, special person, who took time to help our kids play games in Ivrit and develop their confidence,” said Curtis.

“Our hearts go out to her and all the families of our brave soldiers protecting us.”

The death of the soldier, who was himself from a family of British Jewish immigrants, has marked a change in mood among olim (expatriates), Curtis said.

“Maybe it’s the British DNA, the stiff upper lip – but having spent the last few weeks in and out of shelters, you develop an outer skin which keeps you strong,” she said.

“However, this week we lost that skin. Hadar must have been extremely special.”

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