British Airways hosts top Israeli diplomat in T5 Q&A

British Airways hosts top Israeli diplomat in T5 Q&A

Britain’s flag carrier flew a different flag at Terminal 5 this week, hosting an ‘Insight into Israel’ with top Israeli diplomats.

Senior Cabin Crew manager Spencer Barnett welcomes Judith Raby-Mermer

The British Airways event, run in conjunction with the Israeli embassy in London, saw more than 1,000 BA cabin crew come to hear consul general Judith Raby-Mermer answer an array of questions.

Together with two members of her team, she spoke at length to Arabic crew members during what BA said was “a unique opportunity to break down differences and foster better relations”.

an ‘Insight into Israel’ event at Terminal 5 on Monday. More than 1,000 members of British Airways cabin crew came along throughout the day.

BA has been running the Tel Aviv route for 80 years, serving kosher food and tip-toeing past the cultural sensitivities.

“The fantastic diversity within the crew, and the interest that was shown in Israel was phenomenal, said Raby-Mermer.

“The UK has always been a huge source of tourism for Israel, and the British Airways flights and the crew on those flights, play a major part in this.”

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