Britain’s Got Talent act DNA: ‘Final was not a true reflection of us’

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Britain’s Got Talent act DNA: ‘Final was not a true reflection of us’

Mind reading duo Darren Sarsby and Andrew Murray speak exclusively to Jewish News about THAT mistake

Francine Wolfisz is the Features Editor for Jewish News.

An on-stage blunder may have cost DNA victory at this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, but the duo believe more success is on the horizon after signing on with a leading management agency.

Mind reading duo Darren Sarsby, 29, of Essex and Andrew Murray, 43, of London, were left feeling dejected after wrongly predicting a page number in a book selected by David Walliams, during their routine on Saturday night’s final.

They guessed it was page 31, but the correct answer was actually 81.

Despite the mistake, Simon Cowell threw his support behind the magicians and said: “It’s ok, because it makes you human,” but viewers disagreed and the Jewish act secured just 3% of votes on the night.

Pianist Tokio Myers, who was mentored by the late Jewish singer Amy Winehouse, went on to take first prize.

Speaking exclusively to Jewish News, Darren explained their “final performance was not a true reflection of us”.

He said: “We tried to do something ambitious and it ended up being a little bit convoluted, a bit confusing. In terms of the mistake, we were just one digit off by saying it was an 8 instead of a 3.

“Mistakes do get made. Like Simon said, we are human and any performer in any genre can have off days.”

Before entering the talent show, Darren and Andrew honed their skills on the corporate event circuit, having first met six years ago.

Watch DNA’s audition here:

For Darren, it was a career he had wanted to pursue ever since his childhood.

“I’ve been a magician for longer than I’ve been doing anything else. From the age of nine-years-old I had a deck of cards in my hand, doing close-up magic and mind reading.

“When I met Andrew, I wanted to take those skills to another level.

“They say in magic you either do something better than anyone else in the world or you do something different.

“We wanted to do something no-one else is doing, and that’s the act you see us do today.”

Overall, Darren said their time on the ITV show was “an amazing experience” and vowed that “Britain’s Got Talent is just the start of our journey.”

He revealed that the pair have now signed on with Jonathan Shalit’s talent management agency, Roar Global and are planning to go on tour with their act.

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