Brexit Party MEPs appeared on conspiracy theory radio show, report finds

Brexit Party MEPs appeared on conspiracy theory radio show, report finds

Ann Widdecombe and David Bull among politicians who have gone on the Richie Allen Show, which has given platforms to antisemites and Holocaust deniers, including Alison Chabloz

An investigation by an anti-fascist organisation has shown how leading figures in the Brexit Party have appeared on an internet radio show that promotes Holocaust deniers and antisemitic conspiracy theorists.

London-based HOPE not hate has shown that two of the party’s Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), including former minister Ann Widdecombe, have recently taken part in the Richie Allen Show, affiliated to notorious conspiracy theorist David Icke.

Alongside Widdecombe, who has appeared on the show three times, is David Bull MEP and Stuart Waiton, a prospective parliamentary candidate in Dundee. Waiton has appeared five times, while Bull last appeared on it less than four months ago.

Allen hosts figures such as Nick Kollerstom, who has said only 200,000 Jews died during the Holocaust and denied that there was ever an extermination policy. He has also hosted Alison Chabloz, a singer-songwriter whose work includes lyrics mocking Anne Frank and Holocaust survivors

Widdecombe’s first appearance on the show was in 2017, when it was still being broadcast from Icke’s website, and most recently appeared on the show on 10 April 2019, during which  Allen praised the writings of Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon, who has likened “Jewish ideology” to that of the Nazis.

The party was formed in January this year by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and won the largest share of the national vote in May’s European elections, with 29 MEPs. Although the party currently has no MPs in Westminster, they are expected to do well in any forthcoming general election in the UK.

This week a Brexit Party spokesman denounced Icke, saying: “Obviously we denounce antisemitism and racism of any stripe. I’d never heard of this show, or indeed any of its guests. I doubt that the guests were any the wiser. We are now.”

Jewish Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman added: “For an organisation called Hope Not Hate (HNH), you’d think they would be into building bridges rather than spreading hatred.”

The idea that appearing on a media channel means you are aligned with others who appear on the same channel is preposterous.  I have appeared on both Russia and China TV. Neither makes me a Stalinist, Communist or Putin supporter so why spread hatred about two Brexit Party MEPs who were sharing their reasonable views, also held by some 17.4million people in the UK.  Furthermore, most people had not heard of Richie Allen until HNH gave him publicity. I certainly hadn’t and from my limited research can see he is strongly anti-Israel and most likely antisemitic. Knowing this I personally would steer away.”

Lance Forman

HNH are strongly anti-Brexit and are using disgraceful smears of racism, as are other Remainers, in a last ditch attempt to scupper Brexit as we head towards the 31 October deadline.  With their raison d’etre they should be complimenting the Brexit Party for being the most ethnically, sexually and religiously diverse party in the European Parliament.  I personally would never join or associate myself with a racist political party, so the fact they have insulted the Brexit Party is an insult to me too..”

 Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl said: “Brexit Party candidates – and indeed politicians of all stripes – should stay far away from this show which has hosted Holocaust deniers, praised antisemites and has links to the notorious connoisseur of antisemitic conspiracy theories, David Icke. So far in 2019 the Brexit Party have had a leader and treasurer resign over racism allegations. This latest revelation reflects a very concerning trend and the party must take unrelenting action to stamp out prejudice.”

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