Three IDF soldiers injured in new terror attack

Three IDF soldiers injured in new terror attack

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

Many roads were closed in the immediate aftermath to engage in a search for the driver.

By Jack Mendel

The Israel Defence Force has confirmed a second suspected terror attack has injured three soldiers. 

The attack took place in the South Jerusalem cluster settlement of Gush Etzion.

A Palestinian vehicle drove into three solders near side of Route 60 near the Palestinian refugee camp of al-Aroub, south of Jerusalem.

“The IDF is conducting a widespread search in the region to locate the vehicle and its driver,” an army statement outlined, before saying that the soldiers were evacuated for further medical treatment.

One soldier is reportedly wounded critically, with chest and limb injuries, and two were wounded moderately.

The incident is the second terrorist attack of the day, with an earlier attack in Jerusalem killing a border policeman.

A Palestinian man who was a low ranked member of Hamas, was shot by Israeli authorities in the aftermath.

The initial car attack in Jerusalem was almost identical to one two weeks ago that killed two people.

These attacks are in the wake of weeks of tension between Palestinian protesters and Israeli authorities in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, particularly with regards to access to Temple Mount, which is sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims,

A Palestinian having shot and wounded American-Israeli activist Yehuda Glick, who has campaigned for more Jewish access to Temple Mount, which ratcheted up the tension, and security concerns. 

Palestinian terrorist group Hamas released a statement praising the initial terrorist attack, according to JPost, saying that “We congratulate the activity carried out by Jerusalem’s blessed heroes that targeted soldiers and security men…”

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