Book for Crohn’s launched for World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day

Book for Crohn’s launched for World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day

A new book that aims to offer support to people with Crohn’s disease will be launched next week.

The BookforCrohns – that features personal stories from over 40 sufferers, their families and medical professionals– will be sold on Amazon from 19 May to coincide with World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Daybookforcrohnscover_final (2).

It has been put together by the charity forCrohns that was set up in 2002 by Lisa Walker and Natasha Adley who started it at the age of 16. Both their mothers have the condition and the girls decided they wanted to do something to help those who suffer from the disease.

“We have seen the power of community support that has come from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, but also the lack of depth to this information,” explained charity co-founder Adley. “Through the book we wanted to replicate some of this community spirit and combine it with the medical expertise we are fortunate to have access too.”

According to the charity, 75% of people with Crohn’s disease say they “feel alone” or “suffer in silence”, so the main aim of the book is to convey a sense of hope to sufferers.

“We hope that the book is able to bring information and support to a huge number of people affected by Crohn’s disease.”

The book-that is a result of five years of hard work-covers topics such as diagnosis, drugs and surgery. It also touches on subjects such as having a relationship when you have Crohn’s and how to manage a career when you have the condition. In addition, there is a chapter written by and for children and young people with Crohn’s.

“Among those who have contributed are around ten Jewish people who suffer with Crohn’s,” added Walker. “The prevalence of Crohn’s Disease is almost four times greater in Ashkenazi Jews than in other populations so it was vital we included their stories.”

Crohn’s Disease is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which causes inflammation and ulceration throughout the gastrointestinal system and symptoms include severe stomach pains and chronic diarrhoea. There are 115,000 sufferers in the UK with 18,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

The BookforCrohns will be available from on 19 May, priced at £6.99.All profits go to charity funding vital Crohn’s research