Blend it all together – Simchas Live 2017

Blend it all together – Simchas Live 2017

We meet husband and wife team Shelley and Adrian Kelaty of Blend Photography before the show this weekend!

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

When the simcha is over only the memories caught on film remain, so you need the best company to create them. Blend Video and Photography are a family business, run by husband and wife team Shelley and Adrian Kelaty, now in their 14th year. “There are those who think that being a photographer or videographer is owning a decent camera but in my experience it is 20% technique and 80% relationship with the client,” advises Shelley. “It is really important that you find someone you  make a connection with because they will be your eyes and ears for the day.”

“The connection comes with experience,” continues Adrian, “but you have to know how to read the situation, recognise possible tensions and anticipation. For example, the bride is getting ready and the door is opening, daddy is coming in and you know to capture that special moment.”

Over the past few years, Blend have moved over from videography to cinematography. “We specialise in making films to be shown in cinema, not videos. Our films are stylish documentaries which capture the essence of the day, but are driven by the ‘narration’ of the Groom, the rabbi, the bride or the best man,” says Adrian. “We use the same techniques when filming a wedding as when making corporate films and adverts.”


Recommendations from friends and family are also important and Shelley is delighted that most of their work comes through personal endorsements. “We know that your special day is not a photo session but  a celebration so we make sure we get the formal shots, but the rest is reportage.”  Staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies, the duo are basically   camera geeks and enjoy nothing more than playing with our drone which we use to get aerial shots for outdoor chupas and events!”

This year they have launched their sister company Dronerz offering aerial video and photography. “Most clients don’t realise that it is illegal to offer drone services without a license and insurance,” adds Adrian Kelaty. “Apart from being a skilled pilot, there are many aspects of flying a drone that are essential for elevated photography: meterology, cartography, legal issues – and the paperwork for each flight operation is endless!” Adrian spent a year getting his aerial license and although there is constant study and monitoring, he says it doesn’t take the fun out of it.

“Watching a live feed from hundreds of feet in the air on your phone is breathtaking,” he adds. “With our drones we’ve filmed weddings, bike rallies, charity and corporate events. We are just waiting to be approached by the Mossad – although we won’t be holding our breath!” – 020 8905 3659

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