Ben’s Langdon bike ride…day 5

Ben’s Langdon bike ride…day 5

Ben Miller is taking part in the Langdon International Cycle

The Jewish News is following the progress of Ben Miller, who is taking part in the Langdon International Cycle…

The Gavia:

This morning, we had an easy final group ride. 20km up the beautiful Valtellina valley, a coffee and then the run home. Mark rode with us and even made it up the steep, short hill – albeit with a little help. At one point, Andrew Passer was pushing Mark and I was pushing Andrew.

We then said goodbye to the group who headed off to the airport. A handful of us stayed for a little extra cycling and headed up the Passo di Gavia, another classic climb in this region. A mere 25km to climb 1300m. Much easier than the Stelvio, but I still found it very hard in my current form. Tomorrow, I was hoping to ride the Mortirolo, one of the toughest climbs with sections over 18% and 12km of it over 12%. To put that in context, the 500m of Highgate West Hill is 10%. So the Mortirolo is a good chunk steeper and massively longer. To be honest, I may give it a miss – having struggled on the Stelvio and Gavia, as well as some of the other climbs this week, I’m doubtful I would make it.

Either way, it’s been a wonderful week. Great scenery, great company, amazing cycling, and hugely successful fundraising. Thank you to everyone involved and especially to everyone who sponsored us.

On top of the Gavia
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