‘We Believe in Israel’ 2015 to focus on the ‘Communications Battle’

‘We Believe in Israel’ 2015 to focus on the ‘Communications Battle’

Screenshot 2015-01-23 19.17.59‘We Believe in Israel’ conference organisers have planned the second conference for Sunday 22 March 2015, in London.

Edward Misrahi, Chairman of BICOM, told g the Jewish News that ”since 2011 the ‘We Believe in Israel’ network has grown more than six-fold and played a big role in the fightback against boycotts and delegitimisation of Israel.”

The 2015 conference seeks to attract 1500 delegates, focusing on “Winning the Communications Battle for Israel”. Luke Akehurst, Director of ‘We Believe in Israel’ said: ”There is a clear need to bring together as many as possible of the UK’s pro-Israel activists.. to make Israel’s case effectively.”

The chairman of the JLC, Mick Davis said “This Conference will play an essential part in the Community’s response to attempts to delegitimise Israel.”

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