Bataclan theatre may have been target due to ‘Jewish owners’

Bataclan theatre may have been target due to ‘Jewish owners’

Paris was dominated by police cars and  as it descended into a state of emergency
Paris was dominated by police cars and as it descended into a state of emergency
The Bataclan theatre in Paris in 2008

The Bataclan theatre may have been targeted in last night’s deadly Paris terror attacks, ‘due to its Jewish owners,’ according to French magazine Le Point.

At least 127 were killed in a series’ of bombings and mass shootings at five locations in Paris on Friday night.

Attacks across the French capital caused devastation, as the France’s president issued a ‘state of emergency’, closing all the borders.

Earlier reports indicated 100 people had been killed inside the Bataclan theatre, which had been due to host a concert by American band, Eagles Of Death Metal. 

In horrific scenes officers stormed the Bataclan concert hall where hostages were being held, but terrorists, wearing suicide belts, blew themselves up, leaving 80 people feared dead. 

Scenes of “carnage” were described by witnesses at the Bataclan, who said there was “blood everywhere”.

The French publication Le Point quotes a member of extremist group Army of Islam, who told French authorities in 2011: “We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because its owners are Jews,” according to Times of Israel.

The venue is a target of anti-Zionist protests, due to its support for Israel. The band playing had performed in Tel Aviv’s Barby club in July. 

During a visit to the concert hall in the early hours of Saturday morning, president François Hollande, said the country will be “merciless” against those who have attacked them.

He denounced the terror attacks that killed at least 127 people in Paris as an “act of war” and blamed the Islamic State terror group for the carnage.

Messages of sympathy and support were issued by world leaders, with UK Prime Minister David Cameron describing the attacks as “horrifying and sickening” vying the UK will do “whatever we can to help”.
US president Barack Obama said the violence in the French capital was “an attack on all of humanity”, while the Vatican condemned it “in the most radical way”.
Police sources in Paris said around 180 people were injured, including 80 who were in a critical condition.
This is the second major terrorist attack in France in 2015, following the Charlie Hebdo massacre,which left 12 dead, and the Jewish supermarket attack, which left four dead.
President Hollande described the attack at the Jewish supermarket as a “terrifying act of anti-Semitism.”
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